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Hammer Mill

SFSP series dripping hammer crusher is mainly used for crushing all kinds of raw materials of which the granuality is bigger than standard, such as cereal, cued bran, and mineral feed and straw forage. It is especially suitable for chaff processing in small grain processing plant.

SFSP 40x18

SFSP 56x45 / 60x60

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Model: SFSP 40x18 SFSP 56x45 SFSP 60x60
Capacity (Tons/Hour): 0.3 1.1 1.8
Power (kw): 15 KW 45 KW 55 KW

Output Effeciency: Excellent
Recovery Rate: Above Average
Maintenance Cost: Minimal / Low
Services & Technical Support: Available
Spare Parts: Available
Warranty: Standard 1 yr.
(renewable upon VIP CARDS)