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1. Thermal energy, husk consumption and exhausted ash production listed are for reference only. Actual data will defer from various, moisture content and impurity rate.
2. Specification subject to change without notice.

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All details will be discussed and AGREED between the Company and the Customer.
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Model: 5HXG-100 5HXG-150
Capacity: 10 TONS 15 TONS
Moisture reduction rate per hour (%/h) : 0.4-1.0 %
Blower: Centrifugal Blower
Power: 7.52kw
Weight: 2150kg 2350kg
Overall Dimension (L*W*H): 4.01 x 2.37 x 7.1 4.01 x 2.37 x 9.549
Promo Price 1,050,000.00 1,150,000.00

Mechanical Dryer Projects, must need Classic Burner or Suspended Furnance.
Burners are depend on the CLIENTS Requirements and considering the Future Plan or Upgrade. Here is the Standard Classic Burner Specification.